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Brazilian Blowout / Keratin Treatment / HairBotox & All Hair Smoothing Treatments.

Have you ever noticed the amount of hair smoothing treatments out there? All them offer lofty promises of #shiny #frizzfree #hair . So when it comes down to it which one to choose? What truly separates all these "formulas" apart . How do they impact your locks and which one is the most effective. Lets dive in!

For ages we have been undergoing hair treatments that claim to have semi-permanent, hair smoothing results. Done typically by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron.

The first widely recognised hair smoothing treatment was the Brazilian blowout. The technique has many variations and is known by several other names including Breezilian straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, BKT, and Keratin Cure. This treatment was a HIT! but soon disappointed with the original formulation including formaldehyde H2CO or methylene glycol H2C(OH)2. Formaldehyde is a KNOWN HEALTH HAZARD! . The compositions have been banned in several countries including Canada and the European Union.

Following that was the Keratin treatment along with Japanese Straightening which had also regained popularity. All boasting lustrous hair as result. We loved them all. I personally tried all the above mentioned on my frizzy , unmanageable hair. Until the daunting truth came to light. All of these treatments relied on formaldehyde to penetrate the hair shaft. Then came HairBotox which offered PROGRESSIVELY STRAIGHTENED HAIR.

The bottom line is that ALL these #smoothingtreatments are performed similarly and share a common base of ingredients in their formulas. These ingredients are caviar oil,

  • BONT-L peptide

  • vitamin B-5

  • E vitamins.

Without them there would be no #smoothing #shiny effect on the hair, BUT some outdated formulas use formaldehyde to further penetrate the shaft with these ingredients which changes /rearranges the natural texture of your locks. Also exposing you and your hairdresser to toxic fumes,

In choosing which is best I would say always choose the one that is healthier for you , Although the results with formaldehyde are #pinstraighthair, the bad side effects outweigh the benefit of the treatment. Especially when there are NEWER treatments that offer the same results all while omitting a toxic chemical. As science advances always choose treatments that are the least chemical and, mostly are made with wholesome organic ingredients.

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