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Hair Botox in Sydney

Updated: Aug 5, 2020


Hello healthy hair seekers, today your lives will be changed! - WHY such bold statement lady?

Well I am a self proclaimed beauty junkie, and I don't go out and buy products or treatments on a whim. NO! I do my due diligence. I research and fact check the sometimes outlandish claims some beauty and lifestyle brands throw at us the consumers. So I am cutting to the meat and potatoes here.

HAIR BOTOX is the key 🔑 to healthy gorgeous, frizz-free hair. Below I will breakdown exactly what it is made of, how it's applied , and the REAL fact checked benefits of this treatment. Ending with an oversimplified Trichology lesson!

HAIR BOTOX: a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin (protein) . The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear more full and lustrous.

There are many Hair Botox formulas in the market, but they all share the same base ingredients, such as caviar oil

  • BONT-L peptide

  • vitamin B-5

  • E vitamins

  • collagen complex, which makes up the “Botox” part of the treatment


You can use Botox for hair if you have:

  • split ends

  • very fine hair, lacking volume or luster

  • damaged hair

  • frizzy hair

  • hair that you want straightened

In general, hair Botox is considered safe for any type of hair.


A conditioning agent is applied directly to your strands of hair. You can go to a hair salon to have the treatment or purchase the products to apply at home, which is NEVER a good idea. You can also hire a service like Straightlox in Sydney which goes to you and performs the treatment while you sit comfortably in your home watching your favourite Netflix series.

The treatment begins with a shampoo to open your hair cuticles and prepare the strands for conditioning. The hair Botox is then applied to the strands by massaging the product on from root to tips. The treatment is left on wet hair for a period of time, usually between 20–90 minutes. Some stylists may choose to rinse out the product before drying and straightening your hair with a flat iron. Other stylists may leave the product on your hair while they dry and straighten your hair to help the product more fully penetrate your hair strands. You’ll see the results of the Botox hair treatment immediate upon your hair drying.


Trichology 101

  • the branch of medical and cosmetic study and practice concerned with the hair and scalp.


Hair - a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis

So PROTEIN stuff coming out of your scalp. Easy! WHY IS IT SO DARN HARD to manage the proteins in my scalp. BECAUSE daily use of sulphate shampoos and flat irons breaks down the protein in our hair. SIMPLE

To repair the damage one must ADD protein to the hair. The right amount to achieve a shiny, luscious mane. Luckily Hair Botox can help you achieve that!

What a time to be alive.

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